Spa packages new size

Side Orders

Temple spa side order treatments - 15 minutes per side order - £25

Have you ever had a treatment at a spa and thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could have a little more’?  Well now you can!  Just like when you are at your favourite restaurant and you choose your main but desire a little extra something on the side.  We present here a lovely selection of options to add onto your main treatment.  These can be added to any treatment (facials, massage, body treatments) but cannot be taken on their own.

  1. Stressed out? Enjoy our hot stone neck and shoulder treatment
  2. Head feel heavy and uptight?  You will love our sedating scalp massage
  3. Love your hands to be pampered?  Select our indulgent hand treatment
  4. Want a spring in your step?  Select our indulgent foot ritual
  5. Want to look less tired?  Discover our secret eye remedy