Men's Spa Day

Friday 19th August - Men's Spa Day

Spa Days are associated mostly with women but at the Feversham Arms, we aim to treat all of our guests equally and that includes creating spa treatments for men, as well as women.

Gentlemen, you deserve to be pampered too right?

With Men’s Spa Day coming up on Friday 19th August why not treat yourself to our His Spa Day package, where you can unwind and relax at our serene Verbena Spa. Perhaps you have had a long week at work, done a good deed for a friend or you simply need some time out from home stresses.

A customised massage will do wonders for your aching muscles, using luxurious products from our Temple Spa range, followed by a facial that will treat any undesirable outcomes received from shaving.

Relax after your treatments with our Heat Experience, which includes foot spas, an aromatherapy room and a saunarium, a perfect spot to de-stress from any work woes and immerse yourself in quality me-time.

A one course lunch is also provided during your visit – we know the way to a man’s heart!

Of course, you might be looking to treat the man in your life!

Please call us on 01439 772930 or email for further information.

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