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Best Loved

Best Loved provides a comprehensive selection of unique and character filled properties. What you’ll find on this site is a huge selection of places to stay in Britain and Ireland - from the stately home to the welcoming inn - each the best of its kind in its locality and price range. There are hundreds of places you might choose, each with its own special allure - but each has great character, each is a vital part of the delights and attractions of its region and each, in its own special way, is best loved by someone like you who has stayed there.


Pride of Britain

Great hospitality is the key to Pride of Britain's longstanding reputation for excellence in hotel-keeping. The consortium was formed in 1982 to enable like-minded hoteliers to pool their resources to reach a wider audience of discerning customers. Membership is limited to a maximum of 50 properties, and it is the members themselves who decide whether a new applicant is suitable to belong to the consortium, following anonymous inspection and a ballot.


Room for Romance

Whether trad, hip, rustic chic or urban sleek, you won’t find a finer collection of romantic hotels than at Room for Romance. Their luxury and boutique hotels are destinations in their own right, while others are simple but stylish properties run with flair and élan. Their review team has done all the homework, covering thousands of miles each year to hand-select the properties. They tell you the best rooms to book and what makes each place tailor-made for a romantic getaway – giving you all the info you need. If you're planning a romantic escape, this is the right place. The Room For Romance website is packed with details of romantic hotels, intimate inns and chic hideaways perfect for a romantic getaway.