The Art of Murder at Feversham Arms Hotel


Our hotel is the setting for The Art of Murder, a mystery which will unfold piece by piece over the coming weeks.

Unlike any other murder mystery, this event is staged entirely online and shared via social media giving you the opportunity to become fully immersed in the drama itself.



Lady Feversham - Would do anything to protect her husband. Would it drive her to kill?

Lord Feversham - Swindled by Carlton, did money lead to murder?

Doctor Abbey (Guest) - Found out about his wife's affair with Carlton. But would he hurt his former friend?

Jessica Abbey (Guest) - Had an affair with Carlton. Did her jealously for Kitty push her over the edge?

Natalie Wells (Carlton's Business Partner) - Harbours a secret, unreturned love for Carlton. Has she been cast aside once too many times?

Ginger Reece (Journalist) - Did Ginger's quest for the truth behind Carlton's business have a killer ending?

Reverend Ryedale (Guest) - Keen to stay out of DCI Jenner's way. But why?

Aileen Hamilton-Brooks (Guest) - Did a soft spot for Lord Feversham lead her to settle his score with Carlton?

Theo Black (Guest) - A love rival to Jessica's affections, did he bump off the competition?

Bellona Morgan (Guest) - What secret is Bellona hiding, and how is Carlton connected to the fire that killed her family?

Robert Faulkener (Guest) - Vocal in his dislike for Carlton, what secrets lay in their past together?

Floyd Cresswell (Hotel Manager) - Wouldn't let anyone ruin his hotel's reputation, not even Carlton Bainbridge.

Thomas Drover (Waiter) - Childhood friend with Jessica; what how far would he go to look after her?

Kitty Bloom (Waitress) - Carlton's latest target, but continued to spurn his advances. Did he push her too far?

Mary Spurlock (Spa Manager) - Warned Carlton that his dirty habits would come back to get him. But why did she speed off in the middle of the investigation?

Henry Chiver (Bar Manager) - Harbourned a great dislike for Carlton after he refubbef his artwork. But how deep did his hatred run?

Kent Brockley (Head Chef) - Owed Carlton money from gambling debts. But did he gamble with Carlton's life?

Jill Cross (Game Keeper's Wife) - Did loose-lipped Jill tell Carlton something she shouldn't have?


There's still a chance to take part and win a prize!

Keep watching our Facebook page and Twitter feed as the mystery unravels, and you will have the chance to guess who the culprit is and one lucky winner will win an exclusive luxury overnight stay at the hotel.

To get involved make sure you are following all of the action as it unfolds on our website, Twitter @fevershamarmshotel and Facebook - all 'Likes' are welcome too!