A delicious way to stick to your New Year resolution

Here at the Feversham Arms Hotel & Spa we understand the importance of relaxation, living well and looking after oneself. You don’t need us to tell you a spa detox does wonders for your mind and body, but when it comes to what we eat, this is a sometimes a bit of a grey area.

Up in Yorkshire, in our beautiful town of Helmsley, we’ve no time for fad diets and juice cleanses. We recognise the importance of healthy eating and knowing what’s good for our bodies. After a month of celebrations, indulgence and late nights, it’s time to kick start the new habits from within and a Foraged Lobster Salad full to the brim with flavour, nutrition and energy is the perfect place to start.

This recipe is simple to make, super delicious and will not let you down. For when those hunger pangs strike, turn to this flavoursome salad to keep focused on your New Year’s resolution.


To serve four you will need:



2 lobsters (head and claws removed)

8 raw king prawns (peeled, vein removed)

12 needle leeks

10 g summer truffle (thinly sliced)

2 breakfast radish (thinly sliced)

4 g samphire

100 g fresh peas

100 g broad beans

1 pickled globe artichoke (julienne)

500 g butter

20 ml lemon oil

20 ml truffle vinaigrette

2 slices of wholemeal bread (crusts removed)

1 g poppy seeds

Pinch of salt

20 ml smoked roe emulsion

Drizzle of Wharfe Valley oil


For the Foraged Salad:

Land cress



Sweet cicely

Wild fennel

Water celery

Wood sorrel

Golden saxifrage

Camomile leaves

Ox eye daisy leaves


Robert flower


Young dandelion leaf

Raspberry leaf



Wild pea flower

Ramson seeds

Mallow flowers

Sea purslane



Clarify and bring butter to 50°c.

Place the lobster in the butter for 45 minutes.

Marinate the prawns in the lemon oil for 1 hour.

Blanch the needle leeks and refresh in cold water, dry thoroughly, then place in the truffle vinaigrette.

Blanch and refresh samphire.

Wash and dry all foraged herbs and flowers.

Roll out the bread with a rolling pin, brush with the clarified butter then sprinkle with poppy seeds and salt.  Cut into circles (roughly 1 ½ cm in diameter).

Bake in the oven for 8 minutes at 120°c.


To Serve:

Mix all the foraged salad ingredients in a large bowl.  Drizzle with the Wharfe Valley oil, and then divide evenly between the four plates.

Add the truffle, radish and artichoke.

Warm the peas, broad beans and samphire in a little butter in a shallow frying pan.  Then gently add the needle leeks.

Share this evenly between the four plates.

Cut the lobster tails in half and remove the flesh from the shell.  Gently place this on top of the salad and vegetables.

Place the prawns onto a metal plate and cook with a blowtorch for roughly 30 seconds until cooked through. *

Dot the smoked roe emulsion around the plate to dress.

*If you don’t have a chef’s blowtorch, skewer your prawns and cook on a gas hob.  This method of cooking prawns is great as they cook quickly but retain their juiciness.

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