And to run the perfect bubble bath

It has the reputation of being a dreary month, but January doesn’t have to be cold and grey all the time.

In fact on January 8th it was Bubble Bath Day, so we thought what better way to brighten up a dull day than with our Verbena Spa top tips on how to enjoy the perfect, relaxing soak.

Begin by pouring in some La La Lagoon; Temple Spa’s Aromatic Bath and Shower Gel. This beautiful moisturising bath and shower gel soothes away tiredness whilst cleaning and purifying the skin. The relaxing soak contains a refreshing unisex blend of Mediterranean essential oils, including anise, rosewood, tea tree and mint, plus soothing aloe vera.

While the tub fills and the La La Lagoon scent begins to fill the room don’t dive straight in. Take some time to make this time as relaxing as possible.

So grab a Siesta Forever Temple Spa Aromatic Candle and cocoon yourself with an ambiance of warmth, peace and light and imagine yourself in the luxurious surroundings of a spa.

Then to create just the right mood, we like to play Classic FM in our bedrooms to set the tone for rest and relaxation.

Now it’s almost time to step into your perfectly scented bath. But first make sure you have a Temple Spa Keep Calm Aromatic Cleansing Bar to hand to get clean. Also grab a Becalm face mask, which will give your skin a soothing treat, leaving it super smooth, firm and plumped after just ten minutes.

Becalm works by delivering a boost of vitamins to the skin, strengthening the delicate tissue and is packed full of natural ingredients known to settle and soothe. On top of this it contains some delicious delights including liquorice, cucumber and basil to give it its extreme soothing, calming and repairing properties.

Once this is on you are ready to slide into the perfect bubble bath, lie back and say relax.

For more information about these Temple Spa products visit our Verbena Spa page. 

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