Finalists of the Roux Scholarship 2015!


Talk about local talent going national. Here at The Feversham Arms Hotel, we are proud to announce that our talented Sous Chef, Richard Pascoe, has made the finals of the prestigious Roux Scholarship 2015! Following the announcement on ITV News at 6 last night, the media world has been buzzing with excitement ever since, and so have we.

Thousands applied, hundreds were shortlisted and now just six finalists have been chosen to compete for this prestigious culinary award every aspiring chef dreams of winning.

Richard fought for his place at the regional finals in Birmingham last week. Putting on a strong performance whilst fending off the tough competition of chefs from across the country was one thing, but keeping his cool in front of the spectating eyes of the judging panel, which included renowned chefs Angela Hartnett and Alaine Roux, drew emphasis to his natural skill of cooking. His winning dish of breast of guinea fowl with Hawthorne mousse, leg, heart and liver crepinette, spinach purée, liquorice spiced butternut, spring vegetables, chicken liver sauce demonstrated a level of innovation that impressed the judges enough to award him with a much deserved place in the final.

This is the second time he has been successful in securing a place in the high profile competition, as he also secured a runner up place in the final of last year’s competition.

Speaking about his place in the finals, Richard said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be one of the six finalists chosen for the Roux Scholarship 2015. I love taking part in competitions as I feel that they help to polish up your kitchen work, better your organisational skill, broaden your knowledge and bring new ideas to the table. I’m really excited for the finals and so appreciative of the opportunity that I have been given so far and the phrase rewarded for the dishes I love to cook.’

Norman Mackenzie, Head Chef here at The Feversham Arms Hotel said, “We are very proud of Richard and his achievement. We pride ourselves in the high standard of staff at our hotel and Richard’s achievement in this competition is testament to this. We wish him the best of luck for the finals.”

What is his recipe for winning? “Well, read as much as possible with classic techniques in mind.” Richard’s experience from last year is to his advantage, however on the day, entering the kitchen with a positive attitude and a clear mind will play a major part on him keeping his cool in the run up towards the finish line.

The final will take place on 30th March. Stay tuned via our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates on Richard’s progress.

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