Go Figure

At the Verbena Spa we create a relaxing haven where our guests can truly chill out and let the stress of their daily lives wash away.

One of the key ingredients to the tranquil environment we promote and enjoy here is the variety of calming treatments we offer and the products used to deliver them.

Recently we have taken on board the Temple Spa product range, which fuses its philosophy of wellbeing with the needs of the customer, the spa environment and the product.

The Temple Spa product range has only added to the calming nature and atmosphere of the Verbena Spa, and our customers are discovering, as we have, that the different products really are as good as they sound.

But we all have our favourite and at this time of year the Go Figure, Anti-cellulite & Slimming Get, at £25, is proving to be the most popular.

Since we launched Temple Spa this has been flying off the shelves and we can understand why.

It is like a pair of magic knickers in a bottle, tightening your bum, tum and thighs, making it great for this time of year when more skin is on show.

Now, here comes the science bit, its advanced formula fights cellulite in three ways:

1)    Smoothing out dips and bumps

2)    Promoting the breakdown of fats

3)    Firming and tightening the skin

The Go Figure gel does this as it contains caffeine, which breaks down the fat, menthol, to trigger the cold sensitive receptors to leave a cooling sensation, pink grapefruit, with anti-microbacterial and uplifting scent, green tea, an anti-oxidant and ginger essential oil, which stimulates circulation.

To get the best results you should apply morning and evening into problem areas – and it works even better when used with the NO PAIN NO GAIN anti cellulite massager.

Alongside this make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated as massaging and using this product releases various toxins trapped in the tissue into the bloodstream.

All in all we are loving the Go Figure gel as we prepare for our summer holidays, but we are sure to feel the same way when it comes to the winter months too.


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