Meet the Team - Jordan Davis

We’ve had a chat with Jordan to find out how he’s finding his first couple of months with us and why he believes the Feversham Arms is a unique and special place to visit all year round.

So Jordan, as you’re new to the Feversham Arms team, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I’ve always been interested in the hospitality industry, and mixology is where my real passion within the trade lies. Before I started at the Feversham Arms I worked at a 1 Michelin star, 4 rosettes, 4 silver star hotel in the Lake District. It was a great place for me to bring my passion for mixology alive and I’m looking forward to doing the same in my new role here.

What attracted you to the role at the Feversham Arms?
I was attracted to the challenge of making the role my own. I am looking forward to fine tuning the bar area and really doing something different. I want my personality to shine through in everything I do and I feel the role here at the Feversham Arms can help me do that.

Tell us a bit more about your role as Head Barman
My role as a head barmen is very simple, I run both the bars here at the hotel, working closely with the team to ensure all the guests receive the best possible service. I help guests with their dinner and drinks pairings and create new cocktail menus for each season. I’m very much looking forward to the Christmas season where I can really embrace the winter cocktail menu.

What is your favourite part of the job?
My favourite part of my job has to be working within the bar and seeing both the customers and staff enjoying themselves.

Tell us the funniest/most interesting thing you’ve experienced in your job?
Everyday has its comedy values in the hospitality industry but the most interesting would probably be, serving an Arabian Prince.

The most comical story I have is when a couple came to stay at my last establishment. The gentleman was planning a surprise proposal for the evening, but unfortunately his partner got far far too drunk on pink ladies and ended up passing out before he could pop the question!!

What do you think makes the Feversham Arms unique?

I find the uniqueness of the hotel lies in its location, the outdoor pool, the incredible spa facilities and most importantly the people within the hotel that make it run. The staff really do have that friendly Yorkshire hospitality and this is something that makes the hotel stand out from other venues.

Why should people visit Feversham Arms?

People should come and visit us because the Feversham Arms is a great place to visit for a meal, a drink or a spa treatment. Everybody is welcome and we can cater for all!
The Feversham Arms is moving in new directions, especially in the bar. Everything is going to be revitalised with the customers at the forefront of the operation. There really is no reason not to come and visit us here at the Feversham Arms!

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