Recipe of the Month

Braised Oxtail

Serves 4


For the Oxtail

2 x oxtails trimmed of fat and cut into 2 sections

2 x carrots (diced)

1 x onion (diced)

1 x leek (diced)

1 x stick celery (diced)

1 x garlic clove

Sprig of thyme

2 x bay leaves

1 x bottle red wine

½ x bottle port

2 x pints of chicken stock.


For the Celeriac Puree

1 x small celeriac

3.6oz butter

14 floz milk

Salt to taste


For the Escabeche vegetables

3½ fl oz olive oil

3½ fl oz white wine vinegar

½ fl oz water

8 x coriander seeds

Pinch saffron

Small bunch coriander

1 x carrot (sliced)

5 x clove garlic (sliced)

4 x shallots (sliced)


For the Garnish

5 pieces breaded tongue each plate – NOTE:  We suggest omitting this or buying them ready-made to decorate your plate!

Wood sorrel from the garden

Potato Ring – NOTE:  Again, this can be quite a tricky thing to prepare, so we suggest leaving this to the experts!



For the Oxtail

Put oxtail into large container. Cover with vegetables, thyme, bay leaves, wine and port, marinade for 48 hours. 

Strain off the liquid and reserve until later.

Sweat the vegetables in a heavy bottomed pan until coloured.

Dust the oxtail with a little seasoned flour and seal in a heavy bottomed frying pan until well coloured.

Place the oxtail back in with vegetables, add the cooking liquor from earlier, bring to the boil and reduce by half, finally, add the stock.

Cover with greaseproof paper and then cook slowly for 4-5 hours. 

Gently remove the oxtail (which should now be falling off the bone), try to keep some pieces in a fillet form for this dish and leave to cool. Retain any small pieces to use in a different dish later in the week.

Pass remaining liquid through a sieve, then place in a pan and bring to a simmer until reduced to a think sauce consistency.  Finally pass through muslin and save until ready to serve.


For the Celeriac Puree

Sweat the celeriac with butter in a heavy bottomed pan adding no colour.

Pour in the milk and bring to the boil.  Simmer until cooked, then blend and finally pass through sieve and season.


For the Escabeche vegetables

Sweat off the shallot with the olive oil, add the garlic making sure no colour is added. Add the carrot, vinegar, water, coriander seeds, saffron and coriander, then bring to the boil.  Finally, remove from the heat and allow to cool.


To Plate

Add the sauce into a heavy bottomed pan with the oxtail, and reduce until glazed.

Warm the tongue and celeriac puree, then drain the vegetables.

Place a spoonful of celeriac puree in one corner of the plate and then drag the spoon through it to make an artistic “swipe” across the plate.

Arrange the oxtail fillet on top of the celeriac swipe.

Place a spoonful of the vegetables on either side of the oxtail and then dot the tongue around the plate.  Finally drizzle the sauce around the dish and serve!

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