Relaxation with Health Benefits

That’s why when we were choosing the final piece to complete the spa, we knew it had to be something special, a feature that would not only aid in the relaxation of our guests, but something that would allow them to reap extra benefits from the spa as a whole. And so came the idea to incorporate a high end luxury outdoor Jacuzzi into the Verbena Spa.

Over 50 years of research and innovation has gone into Jacuzzi jets to ensure the water pressure is targeted on the vital points of the body in the correct direction, making sure that they hit all the muscle groups. We thought we would share the benefits of using our Jacuzzi, so while you relax into the bubbles, perhaps with bubbles in a glass, you understand that you really are doing your body some good:

Shoulders: The upper jets in the Jacuzzi work specifically on the your shoulders to relax them and release fatigue and tension.

Back: The lumber jets, which are inspired by shiatsu massage, apply a constant and continuous pressure in this important part of the body, relaxing, toning and relieving pain.

Lumbar: A single large jet positioned in the centre of the Jacuzzi provides immediate relief and rest.

Hips, Thighs, Knees: These parts of the body are very important for circulation. Bearing this in mind, our Jacuzzi has jets positioned at just the right height to stimulate the circulation of blood and relieve discomfort.

Legs, Feet: There are two jets positioned at the height of the feet to not only restore strength and relieve fatigue, but reactivate the blood flow of energy throughout the body.

So what are you waiting for - come and visit us at The Verbena Spa, not only so you can indulge in ultimate relaxation, but you can do so safe in the knowledge that you are also reaping health benefits.

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