Ten Reasons Why Its Time To Spa

Spring has sprung and summer is tantalisngly just around the corner, so we have splashed out and invested in a new Jacuzzi hydromassage spa for our Mediterranean inspired terrace.

The new Alimia is one of Jacuzzi’s luxury models and we are the first commercial property in the UK to boast the premium spa. As we continue to promote wellness, the Jacuzzi will become a focal point for all our spa guests and add a new dimension to our already award winning Verbena Spa.

With eight luxury seats each with a customised individual hydromassage, underwater sensory lighting and it can also incorporate aromatherapy oils to promote further wellness.


  1. To be one of the first to try our new exclusive Jacuzzi  - the first of its kind in the UK
  2. The pressure from the Jacuzzi hydrotherapy jets penetrate the skin soothing aching muscles – perfect post winter
  3. Even before summer starts you can enjoy the outdoor heated pool, which is plunged into the centre of our stunning courtyard
  4. Mother’s Day is upon us and you can still book a special all day spa package for just £95 http://www.fevershamarmshotel.com/march-spa-day-233
  5. Improve your circulation with a dip in our Jacuzzi followed by a deep tissue massage – the increased blood flow will also give you a healthy glow for Spring
  6. Treat tired feet in one of outdoor foot spas
  7. There are still a couple of places left in our exclusive Membership Club – you can spa every day if you are lucky enough to grab one of the last lucky places
  8. Treat yourself to a facial to brighten your skin ahead of summer – half an hour relaxing in our Jacuzzi will also help open your pores and cleanse your skin
  9. Our heat experience comprising the saunarium, aromatherapy room, monsoon showers, salt vapour room, ice and ice cave will perk you up and leave you feeling revitalised
  10. March in and float away - we have a special hotel offer running until the end of the month too if you want to spa and stay http://www.fevershamarmshotel.com/march-in-float-away

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