We’ve only gone and won an award!

This week we’re using the blog to do a bit of showing off, because on Tuesday, we won 

Best Use of Social Media in Marketing at the Hotel Marketing Awards!

The HMA Awards is a leading professional body for hotel marketers and advocates for best marketing practice within the hospitality sector. Being recognised by such a distinct hotel marketing body is a huge honour and we can’t tell you how thrilled we are.

Some of you may already follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hopefully you’ll see that we try to create engaging and interesting content that we think you’ll be interested in.

The main aim of our social media is for you to get to know the people behind the hotel. We want our social media followers to see our personality, engage with us and be the first to find out our hotel and spa news.

We like to use our channels to keep you up to date, so when we have a new seasonal menu in our Weathervane restaurant, you’ll be the first to know about it and, more importantly, when we release a new deal on our website we’ll make sure to post it on our Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss out.

Some of you may well remember our #FevershamFestiveGiveaway campaign that we ran throughout December last year. This was an advent calendar style giveaway where we offered our lovely followers on Twitter and Facebook the opportunity to win some wonderful prizes; from a free treatment in our Verbena Spa, to an overnight stay in our Deluxe Suite. This was a great way to encourage our followers to engage with us, and us with them and this is definitely something we’d love to do again in the future.

We do hope you enjoy the content we put on our social media channels and if there is anything you’d like to see more or less of, please let us know because, as we’ve said, we want to create content that interests you!

Our social media wouldn’t be the success it is without our incredible followers, who are always engaging, liking and sharing our content and so we’d like to say a big thank you to each and every one of you.

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