Temple Spa


Deep nourishment to leave your skin with a lasting, luminous glow

My Kinda Skin

60 mins £90 Book Now
Our bespoke facial, which will be tailored to your skin type and concerns

We’ll analyse your skin and prepare for you a wonderful treatment using products specifically for your skin type. Just relax and we’ll do the rest. This gorgeous facial includes a face mask, lymph drainage and a face and scalp massage. You will feel amazing and your skin will look so, so good. 

Mediterranean Marinade

60 mins £90 Spa Booking
A calming facial for sensitive or delicate skin

A totally luxurious facial packed with fresh ingredients, along with multivitamin boosters that will leave the skin smoothed and soothed. This treatment is specially designed to reduce the effects of sun, stress or fatigue on the face. Following a deep cleanse, your skin is softened and tenderised with our unique Temple Spa marinade, lymph drainage and a tranquil face massage.


60 mins £90 Book Now
A cleansing and purifying facial for congested or oily skin 

Sometimes you just need a really good spring clean on your face.  This treatment begins with an effective deep cleanse followed by a tranquil face massage.  This is followed by exfoliation and a deep cleansing mud mask, whilst you indulge in a soothing scalp massage.  This facial is perfect for purifying oily skin, acne, blemishes and congested skin that needs a good clean out.

Express Power Breakfast Facial

30 mins £50 Book Now
When you need to look your best and don’t have much time

We have taken all the ingredients that you would find in a healthy breakfast, containing oats, honey and fruit juices, to create this revitalising facial that includes a power cleanse, mask & mini massage.

Express Windows of the Soul Facial

30 mins £50 Book Now
Divine eye treatment, designed to put the sparkle back in your eyes

Perfect for when you look tired, this treatment is designed for the delicate eye area that needs special attention. Using intensive formulations and ‘cold therapy’ this treatment tightens and tones the eye area alongside specialised massage techniques to lift smooth and revitalise. A perfect add on to any facial.

Repose Aromatherapy Facial

75 mins £105 Book Now
Relaxing, indulgent facial for all skin types.

There’s nothing like stress for lining the skin and there’s nothing like relaxation for smoothing it! This indulgent aromatherapy facial is infused with generous anti inflammatory ingredients and will soothe, calm and nourish a tired, irritated or unhappy complexion.  A divine treatment that includes lymph drainage and a tranquil face, eye and hot oil scalp massage. Pure Bliss.

Totally Quenched & Drenched

75 mins £105 Book Now
The ultimate anti-ageing, rehydrating facial for thirsty skin

This lavish facial is a must for dehydrated or neglected skin and is designed to leave it looking radiant & fresh. Combining powerful antioxidants to help fight the ageing process and loss of elasticity in the skin, this divine treatment includes our intense eye therapy and a rather special secret remedy to encourage deep hydration and eliminate fine lines. You could call it a facial iron.

Champagne & Truffles Deluxe Treatment

90 mins £120 Book Now
The crème de la crème of facials

This stunning treatment is just the thing if you are looking for a serious celebration for the skin, containing ingredients such as champagne, silk, diamonds, gold and of course black truffles. Highly unique elements include techniques to reveal fresher skin, a warm melting mask to help iron out the wrinkles, specialist lifting massage to strengthen and tone, an iced blend to reduce puffiness and cold stone therapy. Finally, an application of Temple Spa award-winning, cult product SKIN TRUFFLE, will leave your complexion glowing, more youthful and instantly wonderful. You will receive a flute of bubbly and a delicious handmade truffle as you admire your complexion!

Truffle Eye Treat Miracle Wrinkle Remedy

30 mins £55 Book Now
A powerful non surgical eye lift

The eye area is treated with a gentle, yet scientifically advanced lifting eye massage combined with facial lymph drainage to brighten dark circles, plus a heavenly scalp massage to relax tension around the eyes. In addition super luxe EYE TRUFFLE is applied with cold therapy techniques for maximum wrinkle ironing results. You’ll emerge looking and feeling incredible, with an eye and brow area that is lifted, firmer and smoother, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.