Feel the tension melt away from your whole body - totally customised to what your body needs

Full Body Massage

60 mins £120 Book Now
Back, neck and shoulder with focus on the legs and arms as well

Full Body, Scalp & Face

90 mins £155 Book Now
An extensive full body massage with facial massage, scalp and foot massage

Rocks of the Mediterranean

75 mins £140 Book Now
A deeply therapeutic massage using warm basalt lava stones

New Beginnings Massage

60 mins £120 Book Now

Specially trained full body massage (This massage is not suitable in the first trimester)

YOUR BEST YOU | Menopause Relief Treatment

60 minutes £130 Book Now

This unique top-to-toe treatment is bespoke to you, supporting fully during your second spring, no matter the stage you’re at. Give us your whole you for an hour and you’ll leave energised yet nurtured, at ease. Choose from warm or cool but hey it’s okay to change your mind at any time, just say. This gentle, caring massage, uses a combination of expert therapist hands and Himalayan Salt stones with TEMPLESPA nurturing skincare. These healing stones produce negative irons to support stress relief, increase energy, and positively boost your mood. Rhythmic stretches, and gentle joint rotation rescue achy limbs and tension and a gentle lymph drainage facial reduces puffiness to leave skin fresh and feeling beautiful. Nutritious oils and our deeply hydrating & comforting body cream, DUVET gives your body the hug it deserves. You’ll step off the bed feeling  fresh, calm & content knowing that you have done something good for you. Your best you once again.