Looking after our wellness and wellbeing is a core part of Verbena Spa, whether it’s through having one of our beautiful treatments / experiences, using our thermal facilities and heated outside pool and hot tub.


We love to share different wellbeing activities that you can do to look after both your physical and emotional wellbeing – and here are 5 you can easily add into your daily routine.


1. Take a walk

Book yourself in for a walk before or after work or during your lunchtime break, it’s a great way to take yourself away from your desk and whatever activity you’re doing and take some time for you. Pop on a podcast or a mix of your favourite music to enjoy listening to or why not combine a task like visiting the shops or post office so your walk has a purpose? Once you get into a regular walking routine it’ll become a natural part of your day and start to positively impact your physical wellbeing!


2. Make a call

How often do you pick up the phone to actually talk to someone? We’re so accustomed to texting and using social media to talk to our friends and family, but a phone call can go a long way to boosting your wellbeing and making stronger connections with others. It might just be to update on what’s happened in yours and their week, planning an outing together or simply a check-in to see how they’re getting on. Be bold and pick up the phone!



3. Try a new skill

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about sitting exams and becoming a newly qualified vet in 6 months! It can be learning to cook a new dish, asking for a new responsibility at work to add another string to your bow, tackling a DIY project that’s been on your to-do list for a while – the possibilities are endless! Writing and gardening are wonderful new skills to uncover, as well as being super soothing and calming activities to help unwind after a busy or stressful day that will help your emotional wellbeing.


4. Bring nature to you

Our emotional wellbeing can be greatly heighted by nature and if you’re not near a park or area to explore, you can always bring a touch of green nature to you! Peace lilies and spider and rubber plants are all great houseplant options to help benefit air quality and overall emotional wellbeing. Find a plant which is inexpensive and easy to maintain, but still brings you joy!


5. Breathing exercises

Connecting with our breath can help us relax, unwind and reduce levels of stress, the best part of all is that they don’t have to take a long time and tick the boxes for having a positive impact on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Start by looking at your posture, sit in a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the floor, close your eyes, then inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Really focus on expanding your abdomen, then exhale slowly through your mouth and keep repeating until you feel calm and balanced again. You can try it laying down or standing up if you would prefer to!


Take Some time out for you with our New! MED-ITATION Meander


Borrowing from the sounds, the landscape, the warmth and the smile inducing sparkling sea of the med.